Drupal Lite: Add New Field to Content Type

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

There are three content types in Drupal Lite: Biography, General, and News/Blog. Each has a set of default fields and layout.

Anyone with the Content type manager role can add new fields to a content type.

Adding a new field to a content type is not retroactive. Any pages previously created will not contain the new field, but all new pages using the content type will have the field available.

Add a new field to a content type

  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Select Structure from the admin toolbar.
  3. Select Content Types.
  4. Select Manage Fields for the content type. The content type field list is displayed.
  5. Select + Add Field at the top.
  6. Select the Add a new field drop-down.
  7. Select the type of field to add.
    1. Enter a label. The label is an internal Drupal reference.
    2. Select Save and Continue. The field settings are displayed.
    3. Enter the settings for the field. The settings will vary based on the type of field being added.
    4. Select Save field settings. The edit field window is displayed.
    5. Enter optional help text and default value for the field.
    6. Select Save Settings. The content type field list is displayed.
  8. Select the Manage Display tab at the top of the table.
    1. Expand the layout options category Blocks Available for Placement (All Layouts & Regions).
    2. Select the checkbox for the new field.
    3. Select Save at the bottom of the page.
  9. Select the Manage Layout button. The layout editor is displayed and you will see that the new field is automatically added to the layout. Generally, it will be added to the top of the layout.
  10. De-select the Show Content Preview option at the top of the layout to make it easier to drag fields around.
  11. Use drag-and-drop to move the new field to the desired location of the layout.
  12. Select Save Layout at the top of the page.

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