CLA Computers - Buying, Selling, Supporting

This information was published in the January 15th, 2009 edition of CLA NOW (

(updated 10/16/2018 by Christopher Stordalen)

Computers - Buying, Selling, Supporting

  1. Purchase all computers through LATIS (this includes computers for all needs and funding sources). We can assist in configurations either adhering to CLA standards or custom needs.
  2. CLA no longer sells computers to individuals. The process to properly sell a computer puts an undue burden on both LATIS and Financial Service Team personnel due to securing private data, EFS, and other university regulations. As the computers are of questionable value without support (something technicians cannot provide), it is not worth the additional work (e.g. erasing all software and data from the hard drives, creating an invoice in EFS, etc.) to sell them. This policy is applies to ALL computers purchased by university funds.
  3. Every computer used for University business requires professional support. The CLA Computer Replacement Program (CRP) provides for support for computers up to 4 1/2 years old (contact your LATIS Departmental Consultant for more details). Beyond that, alternative support must be identified or the computer must be sent to UMN OIT for proper disposal/recycling.