Canvas: Import Scores from an OMS Data Sheet

You can import scores to your Canvas gradebook from paper exams taken in class if you:

  • Use exam answer sheets provided by the Office of Measurement Services (OMS)
  • Request a Canvas Data File from OMS before your exam

Ordering paper exam answer sheets

  1. Go to Order Testing Services
  2. Download the Exam Report Order Form
    • Click Exam Reporting Order Form (PDF)
  3. Print the form
  4. Fill it out completely. On page 1:
    1. Go to Report Results, then Additional Files
    2. Check Canvas Data File
  5. Send the form to the address specified on the form

Preparing the OMS data file

Open the CSV file from OMS with the exam scores in it. It will be nearly ready for import into Canvas and only needs minor changes.

  1. Canvas requires the five columns in the order that OMS has provided. Do not alter their headings
  2. Remove all the section numbers from the Section column
  3. Rename the "score" column from OMS to your course exam name
  4. Select all the data, including headers and click the Sort option in Excel
    1. Tic "My list has headers
    2. Sort by Column > SIS Login ID > OK
  5. Save changes to the file and save the file to your desktop

An OMS exam data sheet properly prepared for the Canvas import of grades

An OMS exam data sheet prepared for the Canvas import of scores.

Importing the paper exams scores into the gradebook

  1. Go to your Canvas course gradebook
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu select Import
  3. From the Upload Gradebook page choose Browse, locate the CSV file on your desktop, click Open, then choose Upload Data
  4. If Canvas has difficulty identifying a user, you may manually select a match from a provided list of names
  5. Then, on the Upload Gradebook page, review the changes from existing values to new ones
    • Only the student names and scores will be shown
    • The scores should be matched to your course exam name column
      • New scores and increases in scores are in black text
      • Decreases in existing scores are in red text
  6. Click the Save Changes button. You will be redirected back to the full gradebook while scores are processed

If the first/last names are reversed, or an occasional emplID or UMN email address is missing, the exam scores should still import. However, if the ID or Section columns are missing, the file import will fail.

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