ArcGIS TLS 1.2 patch

ArcGIS Desktop software requires patching to use ArcGIS Online services after April 16, 2019. 
This is happening because ESRI requires TLS 1.2 or higher network security protocol for ArcGIS Online connections after that date.

Who needs to apply this patch?

Many students, staff and faculty have installed ArcGIS Desktop software as provided at the University of Minnesota through U-Spatial ( 
  • If ArcGIS Desktop was installed by IT through Software Center (for Windows) your software should be patched without any action on your part.
  • If you installed ArcGIS Desktop on your own, you need to patch your software as described below.  


Patch ArcGIS Desktop

1. Check what version of ArcGIS Desktop software you use
  1. Start one of the ArcGIS Desktop apps (try ArcMAP).
  2. Within ArcMAP, see Help -> About ArcMAP. That will show which ArcGIS applications are installed, and what version.
  3. Note which version of ArcGIS Desktop is installed. You will need this in step 2 below.
2. Find and download the ArcGIS TLS patch for your ArcGIS version.
  1. See
3. Apply the patch
For ArcGIS versions 10.4 and newer:
  1. Find the patch file you downloaded. The filename will be of the form ArcGIS-xxxx-DT-TLS-Patch.msp
  2. Doubleclick to launch ArcGIS-xxxx-DT-TLS-Patch.msp
  3. Login with administrator-level access if requested to install the patch
  4. After installation, verify that TLS 1.2 works for your system.  See
For ArcGIS versions older than 10.4:
See additional directions at

Additional information

ArcGIS Desktop software will continue to work without this patch, but you will not be able to access online content such as basemaps.