Accounts: Email Aliases

An email alias is essentially a nickname or a pointer (similar to a computer application shortcut) that is attached to your University of Minnesota Internet ID.  It acts as a forwarding email address in some cases; email messages sent to your [email protected] will arrive at your main email account. An email alias does NOT work as a login on UMN sites or with Google Calendar or Google Drive. Example: an alias cannot be invited to a Calendar event/meeting. A Google doc cannot be shared with an [email protected]


  • Only departmental accounts are eligible for aliases
    • Note: Departmental groups are able to request 15-character IDs in request itself as of 3/1/2017.
  • Student Groups do NOT qualify for aliases.
  • Staff and Faculty do NOT qualify for aliases as of June 2019


  • Aliases may be from 3 to 15 characters in length, with no special characters (periods, dashes, hyphens, and so on).
  • Please provide at least 3 choices. Consider that all aliases must be unique, so there's a possibility that one of your choices may already be in use.


An alias cannot own Google Drive documents, calendar events, and other non-email related Google functions shared with it. The original ID must be used to share. Staff or Faculty can request an ID change, which would alter the email, login, and other applications. For more information, see below for contact methods.

An email alias can never be turned into an Internet ID.

Requesting an Email Alias

Contact the Technology Help Desk to request an email alias or email your request to [email protected]. Please adhere to the requirements listed above.