Surveys at the University of Minnesota are governed by the University Survey Advisory Team (U-SAT). Comprised of representatives from University Survey & Assessment Services (USAS), the Office for Institutional Research, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and the College of Liberal Arts, U-SAT aims to create a collaborative environment that allows the University to be more intentional with its resources devoted to survey activity.

Student survey fatigue is one issue of particular concern across the University. U-SAT is working to address survey fatigue and other survey-related issues, including protecting students from repeated survey requests while respecting the need to conduct research within the student population.

What U-SAT Does

  • Address survey related issues

    • Provide consult to the UMN Qualtrics Business Owner, University Survey & Assessment Services
    • Track and reduce survey related expenses
    • Ensure appropriate use of third-party survey software
  • Review policies and implement procedures

    • Leverage policies and best practices to reduce survey fatigue on campus
    • Provide assistance for surveys projects and Qualtrics users through the Approval and Assistance Request Form
    • Determine eligibility requirements for surveying at the UMN
    • Identify critical survey around campus and facilitate data sharing
  • Provide survey resources

    • Educate students, faculty, and staff on the best practices for conducting surveys
    • Provide contact lists to those conducting survey projects that meet a business or educational need within the University