About the Storage Champion Network

The Storage Champion Network (SCN) is a group of individuals at the University of Minnesota from all campuses and storage service providers who represent a network of expertise on the diverse storage options available at the University. 

Storage Champions are well-integrated into research networks and are familiar with how local storage decisions are made. Champions from both IT and academic research communities will be points of contact for their respective communities. Champions will work with each other and their units to build storage knowledge and relationships between users and providers.

Goals of the SCN

  • Strengthen and improve collaboration among users and storage providers 
  • Promote awareness and use of University storage services 
  • Encourage stewardship of finite storage resources
  • Present a readily-available network of experts 

Storage Champion Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain relationships with other Storage Champions and providers across the University
  • Proactively share storage resources and knowledge with new and existing users
  • Find and recommend appropriate storage solutions, following storage best practices
  • Remain up to date with University storage offerings 

Champions will have access to a central knowledge base, attend trainings, and consult with other Champions on storage challenges as they arise.

University Storage Council

The Storage Champions Network has two coordinators and reports to the University Storage Council. The Storage Council is a cross-functional group dedicated to sharing storage solutions successfully with the University community.