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Kaltura Media Space

A media management system that faculty, staff, and students can use to record, upload, and/or distribute video for teaching and learning.


Kaltura is a media management platform for teaching, learning, and outreach purposes. This cloud-based system automatically optimizes video files for viewing on any device, includes strong accessibility workflows, powerful search functions, and deep analytics about who is watching videos and for how long.

Kaltura is accessible through Canvas and Kaltura MediaSpace (currently in soft launch).

For videos not related to teaching, learning, or outreach use YouTube or Google Drive. Videos published in Canvas courses are only viewable by other people enrolled in those courses.

Never use Kaltura for storing Protected Health Information. Use Box Secure Storage instead.


  • Users can upload media including video, audio, and images
  • Publishing workflow in Canvas keeps videos viewable only by those who should see them
  • Uploaded video/audio files receive draft captions though automatic speech recognition (ASR)
  • Captions are searchable with little setup; great for content review
  • Viewer analytics let you know who is watching videos and for how long
  • Unlimited user storage
  • Coming early 2019: Kaltura Personal Capture desktop recorder
  • Coming early 2019: In-Video Quizzing
  • Coming early 2019: Mobile (Android/iOS) app with offline video viewing
  • Coming early 2019: Media retention process to age-out old videos

Getting Started

Integration into Canvas

A faculty member, instructor, or staff member requested that this tool be integrated into Canvas.

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: no charge.