Canvas for Students: Submit a Video/Audio Assignment Using Kaltura

Kaltura is a media management system that can be used to upload media files as well as to create webcam recordings. Videos in Kaltura can be viewed from phones, tablets, and computers. Kaltura is accessed through your Canvas course site either through the Embed Kaltura Media button anywhere you see a Rich Content Editor or through My Media in your profile submenu.

You can upload an existing video (or audio) recording or you can Use Your Computer's Webcam to Record a New Video with Kaltura.

Anywhere you encounter the Rich Content Editor (RCE), you can embed Kaltura media.

Submitting an Assignment using My Media

  1. Click the link to the assignment that requires embedding a Kaltura video.
  2. Read the instructions and then click the Start Assignment button. The Text Entry window appears with a Rich Content Editor.
  3. Select the Embed Kaltura Media button to open your My Media library.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you have already uploaded your media to Kaltura, click Select next to the desired recording. The Embed Kaltura Media window closes and a medium-sized video appears in the Rich Content Editor text box.
      1. If you want a size other than medium, click the drop-down Select menu and choose the size you want.
    • If you need to record a video for the assignment
      1. Click Add New.
      2. Select Record Webcam in Browser.
      3. Select the red circle (record button) on the video player when you are ready to record. A 3-second countdown occurs before recording starts.
      4. When you are done recording, click the white square (stop button) next to the time display.
      5. Select Record Again to redo your recording.
      6. Select Use This when you are satisfied with your recording. Your media embeds in the RCE while processing. You will receive a message when your video is ready.
      7. Change the title of the video and add a description if needed.
      8. Change the privacy settings to Published.
      9. Select Save and Embed. Your video appears in the RCE of the activity. 
    • Upload an existing video into Kaltura for the assignment: 
      1. Click Add New.
      2. Select Upload New Media from the drop-down menu. A pop-up appears, allowing you to drag and drop a media file or choose a file from your computer.
      3. Select the media file you wish to upload.
      4. Click Save. A green bar appears when your file uploads.
      5. Add a title or description you want the media to have.
      6. Click Save and Embed. Your media appears in the RCE of the activity.
  5. Click Play to test the media.
  6. Add any comments you would like your instructor to see in the Comments text box.
  7. Click the Submit Assignment button when you are satisfied.

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