Zoom: Use An Alternate Account After Leaving the University

If you can no longer access Zoom, such as after leaving the University, you may have experienced a recent change to your account type. This means you may need to use an alternate account to continue participating in or hosting Zoom meetings. This article describes the different account options available to you as well as the benefits of each type of account.

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Preparing to Leave the University

If you are preparing to leave the University, take steps to manage your Zoom data before departing the institution. Review the following:

  • Meetings: Consider any meetings or webinars that may need to transfer ownership when you depart. Pay special attention to any recurring meetings or team meetings you are a host of. Refer to Zoom: Transfer ownership of meeting or webinar
  • Cloud Recordings: Any cloud recordings and upcoming meetings will be deleted upon account deactivation. Download cloud recordings you wish to keep prior to departure. Refer to Zoom: Recording Retention and Management.

Determining if You're Eligible for a UMN Zoom Account

If you're a recent graduate or former staff member, you may have found that you no longer have access to the Zoom account that was based on your internet ID. Currently, only the following University of Minnesota account types are eligible for licensed UMN Zoom accounts.

  • Current Student 
  • Staff (active faculty are also Staff)
  • Sponsored/Friend 
  • Person of Interest 
  • Departmental
  • StudentOrg

If you are not one of the above account types, review Zoom account options below. 

Alternative UMN Account-Based Options

One option for continuing to access Zoom is to use one of two types of UMN accounts. These accounts can be used to create a licensed Zoom account that has the following features:

  • Can host up to 300 participants
  • Unlimited time for group, 1:1 meetings
  • Can access UMN Zoom meetings set up with @umn.edu authentication

Sponsored Accounts

A UMN Staff member can apply for a sponsored account on your behalf which can be used to host and attend Zoom meetings. These accounts are designed to be used by one person. 

Departmental Accounts

If a Staff member is willing to share the credentials to a departmental account with you, you can also use these accounts to host and attend Zoom meetings.

  • If the department you're working with doesn't already have a departmental account set up, the Staff member you're working with can request a departmental account using the steps outlined in Accounts: Create a University Departmental Account.
    • After the account has been created, you'll need to login to UMN Zoom using the departmental account credentials. 

Ineligible for a UMN Zoom Account

If getting access to a UMN-based Zoom account isn't an option, you can create a personal basic Zoom account at the Zoom website. These accounts have the following features and limitations:

  • Can host up to 100 participants
  • Group meetings for up to 40 minutes
  • Unlimited one-on-one Meetings
  • Cannot be used to access meetings that have been set up with mandatory @umn.edu authentication security.
  • Basic accounts cannot be created with @umn.edu email addresses

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