Accounts: Create a University Departmental Account

This article explains how to create a University of Minnesota Departmental account.

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Creating a Departmental Account

  1. Go to
  2. Select Additional Accounts
    Self service tab with options for User Details, Password Management, Duo Security, Google, Additional Accounts. Additional Accounts is selected
  3. Select Create Departmental Account
    Self Service expanded, Additional Accounts expanded. Options for: Associated Details, Create Bulk Guest Accounts, Create Sponsored Account, Create Departmental Account. Create Departmental Account is selected
  4. Set Account Title 
    • The account title should be relevant to the purpose of the account. For example, an account that will act as a contact email address for a department could be titled [Department] inbox
      Departmental Account Details section of creation page with Account Title, Internet ID, Campus, and Department ID listed
  5. Set departmental Internet ID
    • Departmental Internet ID rules:
      • Length: 3 to 15 characters (a-z, 0-9, dash)
      • Must start with an alphabetical character
      • Must end with an alphabetical/numeric character
      • Only a dash (-) is allowed as a special character
  6. Set Account Expiration Date
    • Departmental accounts can be active for one year from date of activation; for example, if today's date is 1/2/2022, you could set the expiration to 1/1/2023.
      Expiration Date field for creating a departmental account. The date is formatted: year, month, day
  7. Set Departmental Organizer ID
    • The person who 'owns' a Departmental account is ultimately responsible for its activities and management and is authorized to make changes to the Departmental Account information without any additional approval. 
      Departmental Account organizer and contact fields for creating a departmental account
  8. Set Departmental Contact ID
    • A contact that is authorized limited administrative access to the Departmental account to assist users with things like passwords resets. They will also receive account management communications such as password expiration notices. 
  9. Set password/Confirm password
    • Password must comply with the Internet Password Rules as follows:
      • Must be at least 16 characters long
      • The first character of the password should be a letter
      • Must contain at least 2 alphabetic characters total, 1 of which must be an uppercase letter (A-Z)
      • Must not contain any of the Internet ID, or name of the account longer than 2 characters. For example, if your Internet ID is john001, the new password cannot contain the characters 'joh' but could include 'jo'. 
        departmental account password creation field with re-enter field below
  10. Set Department Directory Suppression
    • Checking this box will suppress the account from appearing on the University of Minnesota Directory and also hide the account title from appearing in the UMN Google address list. 
      departmental account directory suppression field with check box
  11. Do not create University Google Account
    • Checking this box will prevent Google from creating an associated Google Apps account. 
      Field for not creating a Google account with the departmental account checkbox shown unchecked
  • Duo is optional for departmental accounts
    • Once your Departmental account has been created, you can enroll it in Duo by signing in to with your departmental account credentials and following the instructions for Add or Remove Devices for Duo..
    • Note: Once an account is enrolled in Duo, it cannot be removed.