Accounts: Create a University Sponsored Account

This article explains how to create a University of Minnesota Sponsored account.

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Sponsored Account Descriptions and Roles

  • Sponsor for the Account: This is an Internet account for a University-affiliated individual, as long as that individual provides a service or function that directly impacts students, faculty, or staff. 
    • The individual making the request will be the account sponsor
  • Account Holder Information: This is the information related to the sponsored account holder

Creating a Sponsored Account

  1. Sign in to My Account
  2. Select Additional Accounts
    Self Service menu. Options for User Details, Password Management, Duo Security, Google, and Additional Accounts. Additional Accounts selected
  3. Select Create Sponsored Account
    Additional Accounts dropdown expanded. Options for Associated Details, Create Bulk Guest Accoutns, Create Sponsored Account, etc. Create Sponsored Account selected
    • You will be listed as the Sponsor
    • Your DEPTID will be listed
    • Your Campus will be listed
      Sponsored account details entry fields for account creation 
  4. Set an Expiration Date
    • Both the Sponsored Account owner and, where applicable, the holder will be sent an email notice with when the account is due to expire.
      • Sponsored internet account owners will be given the option to renew the account's services prior to expiration.
      • Expiration dates can be up to one year in the future. 
        Sponsored account expiration Date field
  5. Optional: check the box for Suppress the Account holder's entire entry from the public online directory.
  6. Set the Account Holder Information for the person you are creating the sponsored account for:
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial (optional)
    • Last Name
    • External Email (optional)
    • Office Phone (optional)
      Account Holder Info with note The name must match what's listed on a government-issued photo ID of the sponsored account holder if requesting a U card
  7. Set the Address Type
    • Select either the On Campus or Off Campus checkbox.
      • For On Campus addresses, include the following:
        • Set Room Number
        • Set Building
      • For Off Campus addresses, include the following:
        • Street Addresses
        • City
        • State/Province
        • ZIP/Postal Code
          Sponsored account address fields including address type indicators
  8. You will be given the option to skip email generation (i.e., a University Google Account)
    • Check the box if you DO NOT want the account to have an associated Google Account
    • Note: if the account does not have an associated Google account, it will not be eligible for a UCard
  9. Click on the SUBMIT button
  10. You will receive a confirmation email that the account has been created. 
    • The email will also contain instructions on how to enroll the account in Duo Security.

Note: You may optionally request a U Card for this account by following the Request a U Card link in your confirmation email. Please be prepared to provide your department's EFS string to pay a U Card fee.

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