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Teaching with Technology Consultations

Consult with us about using academic technology in your teaching and learning practice.


We are a team of academic technology professionals who partner with faculty and staff to explore and integrate technology into teaching and learning practice, and create dynamic, media-rich learning environments for students.

Our Process

If you have questions about using technology in your teaching practice, contact us for a consultation. We can explore options with you about any ideas you may have in any stage of your work.

Our Approach

We recommend a student-centered, goal-oriented and integrated approach to instructional design. A student-centered approach does not necessarily involve a single method, but orients course design and teaching strategy to a wider learning context.

  • The starting point is to develop course goals by reflecting on what your students will know and be able to do upon completion of your course (and beyond).
  • The role of the instructor is not simply to impart and clarify content, but to guide students towards developing skills and greater expertise.
  • An integrated approach to course design ensures that all elements of the course are aligned: learning activities are designed to help students achieve course level goals, and the criteria used to evaluate student work align with knowledge and skills that students demonstrate through their participation in learning activities.

In this context, the use of technology involves selecting the tools and related practices that best align with learning objectives, learning activities, and assessment.

Getting Started

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: No charge for faculty, staff, and departments.