Integrating AI into your assignments and exploring the pedagogical implications


Curious about how to apply generative AI (GenAI) in your upcoming courses? Join us for a week-long short course with asynchronous activities and a synchronous session. You will be introduced to the basics of GenAI through readings and presentations delivered asynchronously. Prework includes creating or reimagining an assignment for your Summer or Fall 2024 course and determining under what circumstances GenAI may be used. Building on the decisions you make, you will create a statement that explains your GenAI use policy for the assignment. This work will provide the foundation for small group discussion during the synchronous session. Upon completion of this short course, participants should have the outline of an assignment that uses GenAI and a statement that explains the use of GenAI to share with students. 


  • Create or reimagine an assignment or project that uses generative AI.
  • Make decisions about when/under what circumstances generative AI is appropriately used to complete this assignment or project.
  • Generate a statement explaining your generative AI policy for this assignment or project and its principles to students. 


  • August 21-26: Complete pre-work online asynchronously via Canvas (allow 3 - 4 hours). 
  • By August 26: Submit your assignment in Canvas.
  • August 28: Attend synchronous Zoom session from 9-11:30am and complete follow-up confidence level survey (1.5 hours).

Who Should Attend

Instructors of record for a Summer or Fall 2024 academic course.

Additional Course Information


  • Lauren Marsh,  Academic Technology Support Services
  • Sara Schoen, Academic Technology Support Services

Accessibility & Accommodation Requests

We seek to foster a positive experience for all participants. If you have particular access needs (for example visual impairment, dyslexia, deafness, etc) please contact [email protected] so we can work together to get you as good an experience as we can. Accommodation requests for live captioning should be made two weeks prior to the webinar.