University of Minnesota business analysts and technology staff may use the links on this page to access the PeopleSoft Human Resources demo, development, and test instances as well as web self-service applications that interface with PeopleSoft Human Resources. Please select the environment/application you want from the lists below. You will then be presented with the appropriate sign-in page.

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PeopleSoft 9.2 Applications

Includes Sign In and Sign In As links and information for each environment
Description Sign In Links Sign In As Links Information

Human Capital Management 9.2 Standard Envs (SDLC)

TST and QAT: View Environment Instance Events Calendar for last refresh date

PRD: Live Data

Human Capital Management 9.2 Special Purpose Environment PRD Data as of midnight each morning (Mon. - Sat.); no Sun. refresh
Human Capital Management 9.2 Upgrade Testing Environment Primarily used as a starting point for significant projects
Human Capital Management 9.2 Training N/A N/A
Human Capital Management 9.2 Performance Testing Environment Primarily used by Performance testing team
Human Capital Management 9.2 Demo Environment N/A

DMN and DMO: PeopleSoft-Delivered Vanilla Instance

DMN: Patched equivalently to SDLC environments

DMO: Contains the most current HCM Image release

Application Designer debug use Only (Primarily for PeopleSoft Development Use) N/A N/A

Web Applications


HRMS Data Correction Request (HRDC) - TST - QA