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Drupal Lite

A simpler version of the University's Drupal web content management platform

What is Drupal Lite?

Drupal Lite is a simpler version of the University's Drupal Enterprise platform. It is geared for anyone who is not a developer but would like to create a small or medium-sized site. Drupal Lite 7 and Drupal Lite 8 will continue to be available and supported for the foreseeable future.

Transition from Drupal Lite 7 to Drupal Lite 8

Drupal Lite 8, the newest version of Drupal Lite, will soon be available for the University community. If you already own a site built in Drupal Lite 7, you have two choices:

  1. Re-create your site in Drupal Lite 8
    • This will give you the most flexibility in terms of timing

  2. Wait for the OIT Drupal Team to migrate your site from Drupal Lite 7 to Drupal Lite 8
    • This migration will happen in mid-2020
    • The OIT Drupal team will reach out to you shortly before the migration
    • More details will be announced as the migration plan is finalized


  • Maintained and fully supported by the University
    • Sites are automatically backed up each night
    • Transitions to Drupal Lite 8 can be performed by the OIT Drupal Team
    • If you need assistance with the development of your site, please submit a Drupal Support Request
    • Contact the Drupal Lite content management admin team at ucm@umn.edu if your site is experiencing degradation or not resolving as expected
  • Easier to use than Drupal Enterprise 8

  • Gives you access to the Folwell Web Theme, a professionally-designed resource library with UMN branding design and code

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: no charge.


Training and Events