Compare Tools to Create a Website

Looking to create a website? We have a few different tools for you to build a website - anything from a basic blog for a class assignment to a sophisticated department portal.


There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what technologies to use to build your website:

  • Who will contribute content to your site?
  • How much and how frequently will you change the content or layout?
  • What types of content or features will you include?
  • Who should have access to your website?


There are several technologies available for you from easier-to-use Google tools to more complex web hosting tools. For further consultation and help deciding which tool is best suited to meet your needs, please contact [email protected].

Comparison Chart

New Google Sites

The new Google Sites offers enhanced collaboration and better integration with Google Drive.

Effort Required


Key Considerations

  • Template and layout designs automatically adjust for screen size
  • Easily arrange content sections on each page

Drupal Lite

Drupal Lite is an alternative to the University’s Drupal Enterprise content management platform and offers a quicker and simpler website development solution.

Effort Required


Key Considerations

  • Pre-built content types (such as Biographies, News/Blog)
  • Pre-configured components (such as custom site footer, accordions, and callouts)
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (“WYSIWYG”) editing
  • Especially well suited for smaller and simpler websites
  • Requires little to no prior web creation experience/skills

Drupal Enterprise

Drupal Enterprise, an open source content management platform, is the official content management system (CMS) of the University of Minnesota.

Effort Required


Key Considerations

  • Full-featured website design with very few limitations
  • Well suited for larger or more complex sites
  • Highly customizable (with a learning curve)
  • Offers both development and production environments