Drupal Lite is a simpler version of the University's Drupal Enterprise platform. It is geared for anyone who is not a developer but would like to create a small or medium-sized site. The University is currently transitioning all Drupal Enterprise and Lite sites to the newest version, but Drupal Lite 7 be available and supported until July 2022. Learn about the Drupal transition


  • Maintained and fully supported by the University
    • Sites are automatically backed up each night
    • Transitions to Drupal Lite 9 can be performed by the OIT Drupal Team
    • If you need assistance with the development of your site, please submit a Drupal Support Request
    • Contact the Drupal Lite content management admin team at [email protected] if your site is experiencing degradation or not resolving as expected
  • Easier to use than Drupal Enterprise 9

  • Gives you access to the Folwell Web Theme, a professionally-designed resource library with UMN branding design and code

Getting Started

Latest Planned Changes

Find out when features, modules, patches, and the like for Drupal Lite at UMN will be added, changed, or retired. Site owners will no longer be notified by email of any changes that don't require action, but the changes will be posted here.