Drupal: Creating a Drupal Lite Website


[2-hours, hands-on, online]  This course covers the skills needed to create and manage a website in Drupal Lite using the default tools. Drupal Lite 9 makes it easy for users to add, edit, and customize content without requiring technical skills in web development.

This course provides an opportunity to practice skills in a training website.


  • Adding new pages
  • Editing existing pages
  • Adding custom content to pages
  • Changing the layout of pages
  • Working with menus
  • Formatting text
  • Working with images
  • Adding links

Additional Course Information

Note: This is an online course that uses a Canvas course site to organize course activities. Students will work on activities using a Drupal Lite training site at their own pace and will have 5 days to complete the course. An instructor will be available to support participants and answer questions.

Intended audience: Those who are contributing content to any Drupal Lite website and those who are creating small websites (10-15 pages) in Drupal Lite.

Drupal Enterprise

  • Drupal Enterprise content contributors should check with their website administrator for training suggestions as this course may not be relevant to your customized website.
  • Drupal Enterprise website developers, see the Drupal Enterprise: Create And Manage Sites self-help guide.