Request a Drupal Enterprise Site

Before completing the Drupal Site Request Form for a Drupal Enterprise site, please think through the following considerations. If you have any questions you can contact a Drupal support team member by filling out a Drupal Support Request Form.

Consider the Installation Profile

  • The UMN Standard installation profile provides the following Drupal modules and pre-configured settings:
    • Content types
      • Basic page
      • Landing page
    • Themes
      • Base theme (Folwell) plus a sub-theme you can use as a starting point for further theming customizations
      • Follows University branding and styles
      • Responsive so that your site responds to tablet and mobile devices
    • Navigation
      • Provided in the header and sidebar that expands as you add to it
      • Responsive “hamburger menu” (three horizontal bars) to access menu items at mobile at tablet screen widths
    • Editorial user roles with permissions
      • Upon installation, only the Administrator role is present. This role has access to the entire set of administration features provided by Drupal and can create other user roles as needed.

Consider your Custom Development Needs

  • If you are going to be doing custom development, you will need to provide the location of your git repository.
  • Before submitting your Drupal site request, read over the information about preparing your git repository.
  • Custom development includes:
    • Coding your own sub-theme
    • Developing your own modules
    • Using contributed modules that are not part of the standard modules offered as part of the enterprise implementation
    • Extend content types and other configuration settings provided by the installation profiles and export your changes to your repository using the Features module

Consider Your Site URL

  • When requesting your Drupal site, you'll need to provide the production URL for your site which will be formatted as follows: (NOT
  • When your site is set up, you'll be given a development site. The url will be in the format of
  • The DNS for the production URL will not be set up until your site is ready to launch

Request a Site