This article applies to Drupal Lite. A YouTube video can be added to a page using a custom block. The embedded video will be the width of the region it is in and the height will scale appropriately.
Using Kaltura in Canvas or
YouTube is not part of the University of Minnesota Google Core Apps Suite. This means:


Simple steps for embedding YouTube videos and playlists.
YouTube is a video sharing service provided by Google, and all users must abide by Google's terms of service.
Directions on how to add subtitles, closed captioning, and transcriptions to a YouTube video.
YouTube directions for adding subtitles, captioning, and transcriptions to YouTube videos.
Find how-to articles on using YouTube.
Learn answers to commonly asked questions on this YouTube site.
The following are examples of how University of Minnesota groups have successfully used YouTube.
YouTube: Uploading, Sharing, Embedding video

Self-Help Guides

Use this self-help guide to learn about and find resources to help with the video production process.