Drupal Lite: Add a YouTube Custom Block to a Page

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

A YouTube video can be added to a page using a custom block. The embedded video will be the width of the region it is in and the height will scale appropriately.

Embedding a YouTube Video

Find the YouTube video share link:

  1. View the video on YouTube
  2. Select the Share button in the toolbar just below the video
  3. Select the Copy button next to the URL
    • If you want the video to start at a certain timecode, select the Start At box and enter the time where the video should start playing.

Embed the Video on a Drupal Lite page using a Custom Block:

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Find the page to add the video
  3. Select Layout
  4. Select Add Block in the region where the video will be placed. The Choose a Block palette is displayed.
  5. Select Create Custom Block at the top of the palette. The Add a New Custom Block palette is displayed.
  6. Select Video Embed. The Configure Block palette is displayed.
  7. Enter a Title
    • Deselect the Display Title checkbox if you do not want the title displayed.
  8. Paste the copied YouTube URL in the Video Embed URL box.
  9. Select Add Block. The palette closes and the Layout Builder is displayed.
  10. Select Save Layout at the top of the page.

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