When you are ready to move a site in the University's Drupal Enterprise environment from development (DEV) to production (PRD), we recommend you use different branches for different environments.
GitHub is a web service that allows you to share your code with others. The University of Minnesota offers a free-to-use GitHub server for current University faculty, students, or staff.
GitHub@UMN authenticates using Active Directory's LDAP, which holds accounts for active students, staff, and faculty.
Description GitHub is a web-based code hosting and revision control system.
This article contains the steps to transfer GitHub@UMN repositories (also known as "repos") to an account that is not hosted by UMN (such as a personal account).


Basic overview of branching and merging in Git.
Git Checkout allows you to move between branches.
Show changes between the working tree and the index or a tree, changes between the index and a tree, changes between two trees, changes between two blob objects, or changes between two files on disk.
Instructions for installing Git for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
This is the manual page for the gitignore command.
A well documented article covering the topic of handling conflicts in Git
Join two or more development histories together
How to resolve merge conflicts in Git
The git status command displays t
Learn how to use Git by reviewing the basic concepts of Git version control. Try out this introductory course that was created with GitHub.
Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.
GitHub Flow is a lightweight, branch-based workflow that supports teams and projects where deployments are made regularly. This guide explains how and why GitHub Flow works.
Adding other users to your GitHub organization. The other users must have logged in to GitHub before you can add them.
You can create a new organization by either setting up a new organization or converting an existing personal account into an organization.
More detailed instructions for creating an organization in GitHub.
Instructions for generating SSH keys on your computer and then adding the public key to your GitHub account. 
Pulling code from GitHub (aka syncing)
Pushing code to your GitHub
Restricted ContentThe following items should not be stored in the University's GitHub environment:

Self-Help Guides

This Self-Help Guide is intended to assist developers that are going to develop within the University of Minnesota Drupal environment.