GitHub: Known Error: "Invalid LDAP Credentials" during login despite correct username/password

[email protected] authenticates using Active Directory's LDAP, which holds accounts for active students, staff, and faculty.

NOTE: Departmental accounts are not able to log in to [email protected] as they are not on Active Directory. In this case, suggest the user to use a different account type, such as a Sponsored account.

Occasionally, there is an issue that has been identified as the use of the > symbol ("greater than" symbol) in a user's Internet ID password. Passwords utilizing this character currently do not affect other technologies at the University outside of Active Directory, but the password will cease to function on Users will be presented with an error of "Invalid LDAP login credentials" when signing in. 

Note: Your Username for the UMN GitHub instance is your InternetID, not your full UMN email (do not include "" when signing in).

GitHub Enterprise login page is shown; a red warning is shown above the login fields that says "Invalid Login Credentials"


UMN community members who need to use with their UMN Internet ID will need to change their password to something without this character in order to successfully log in. 

If you run in to additional issues, please contact Technology Help.