Zoom: My Profile

Your Profile page in your UMN Zoom account allows you to view and customize information about your user account in Zoom.  

Accessing your Profile page:

  1. Sign in with your Internet ID and password to zoom.umn.edu
  2. Click the Profile button at the top of the navigation side-bar on the left side of the page.  
    screenshot of the left-hand navigation sidebar when signed into umn.zoom.us, Profile is highlighted

You can change the following on your Profile page:

Note: Not all fields on this page can be changed.  Those that can be changed have Edit or Customize buttons on the right-hand side of the page.

Uploading or Changing your Zoom Profile photo:

  1. Click Change beneath your current photo or the grey silhouette of a person.  
    screenshot of the default grey silhouette profile photo, the change button underneath the photo is highlighted
  2. Click Upload in the lower left-hand corner of the Change Picture pop-up window.
  3. Choose a .jpg,.jpeg, .gif, or .png file on your computer that is smaller than 2MB to upload.  
  4. Move the square that appears over the image so that the portion of the photo you want to include is contained within the dotted line borders of the square.  You can also click and drag one of the borders to adjust the size of the square.  You will see the selected portion of the image on the right-hand side.  This portion of the image will become your profile photo.screenshot showing the Change Picture pop-up window in Zoom

  5. Click the blue Save button

Sign Me Out From All Devices

The Profile page also features a link at the bottom of the page to "Sign Me Out From All Devices."  You should use this link if you are signed into the Zoom app on a device that is not password/passcode protected and that device is lost or stolen.  This will not prevent you from signing back into Zoom on any devices and does not lock your account.  

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