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Your Profile page in your UMN Zoom account allows you to view and customize information about your user account in Zoom. 

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Accessing Your Profile Page

  1. Go to umn.zoom.us and click Log In.
  2. Sign in with your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password.
  3. Click Profile on the left side of the page.
    Zoom Web Portal menu with Profile highlighted

Your Profile Page

There are many details available within your profile page. While many fields can be updated or customized, not all fields on your Profile page can be changed.

Note: Asterisks are used to hide personal information. Choose Show to display hidden information.

  • Your name: First, Last, and Display Name in Zoom Meetings. You can set a Default Display Name in MyU.
  • Your Pronouns: Pronouns you wish to display. Add or update pronouns.
  • Your department and U of M account information
  • Your profile photo: This is the picture other meeting participants will see if you have your video turned off in a meeting. Upload or Change Profile photo.
  • Your Personal Meeting ID: A personal meeting room assigned to you. Customize by selecting Edit to the right of your PMI.
  • Your Personal Link: Your unique URL associated with your personal meeting room. Personalize your link by selecting Customize.
  • Your Sign-In Email: Your U of M email address used to sign into your Zoom account.
  • Your User Type and Capacity: If you are a current staff, faculty or student at the University of Minnesota, you are a licensed user. You can also see meeting and webinar capacities.
  • Your Time Zone and preferred Date Format: Update your time zone or formatting by selecting Edit to the right.
  • Your Language: Change your preferred language by selecting Edit.
  • Your Host Key: Change your host key by selecting Edit.
  • Your Calendar Integrations: If you connect Zoom to your Google Calendar, the permissions will display here.

Uploading or Changing Your Zoom Profile Photo

You can add or change the photo that appears in your Zoom profile and in a Zoom meeting if you have your camera turned off.

  1. Hover over your current profile image and select the Edit pencil icon.
  2. Click Upload in the lower left-hand corner of the Change Picture pop-up window.
  3. Choose a .jpg,.jpeg, .gif, or .png file on your computer that is smaller than 2MB to upload.
  4. Move the square that appears over the image so that the portion of the photo you wish to include is contained within the dotted line borders of the square. You will see the selected portion of the image on the right-hand side. This portion of the image will become your profile photo.
    • You can also select and drag one of the borders to adjust the size of the square.
      Zoom profile, Change Picture popup window. Uploaded image of a squirrel with crop outline of the squirrel's face.
  5. Click Save.

Adding Pronouns

You can add pronouns and choose when they display during meetings and webinars.

  1. Select Edit on the right-hand side of your Profile page.
  2. In the Pronouns field, type your pronouns.
  3. In the How would you like to share your pronouns? drop-down field, choose from the following options:
    • Always share in meetings and webinars: Your pronouns will appear next to your display name automatically in any meetings that you host or join, and any webinars that you're the host or panelist for.
      • Note: If selected, your pronouns can be shared in any meeting that you host or join. Only webinar hosts and panelists can share their pronouns in a webinar. Webinar attendees' pronouns are never visible.
    • Ask me every time after joining meetings and webinars: You will be asked if you want your pronouns to appear next to your display name in every meeting that you host or join, and any webinars that you're the host or panelist for.
    • Do not share in meetings and webinars: Your pronouns will not appear next to your display name in any meetings or webinars. You will have to manually choose to share your pronouns.
      • Note: Even if you choose not to share your pronouns in meetings or webinars, your pronouns will still appear in your profile card and be visible to your Zoom contacts if you have entered them in the Pronouns field.
  4. Select Save. Your pronouns now show on your Zoom Profile and within meetings and webinars based on your choices.
    Sample Zoom profile. Under name information, Pronouns She/they displayed. Under pronouns, "Always share in meetings and webinars" checked.

Sign Me Out From All Devices

The Profile page includes a link at the bottom of the page labeled Sign Me Out From All Devices. Use this link if you are signed into the Zoom app on a device that is not passcode-protected and that device is lost or stolen. 

Note: This does not prevent you from signing back into Zoom on any devices and does not lock your account.

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