Zoom: Host Key

The host key is a 6-digit PIN tied to your Zoom account. It is not meeting-specific. You can use your host key to claim host privileges in the following circumstances:

  • You have Join Before Host enabled and the host joins the meeting without signing in
  • The host joins the meeting via telephone
  • The host joins the meeting through an in-room video conferencing system (an H.323/SIP device)

You can view and customize your host key on your Zoom Profile page

zoom.umn.edu profile page. Host key section highlighted. Arrow pointing to Show [host key]

Since the host key is tied to your account and not to a specific meeting, you should not share your host key with anyone else. Treat your host key like a password.

If you do share your host key, you should change it immediately. We also recommend changing your host key periodically as a security best practice.  

You do not need to share your host key to:

  • Enable alternative host who is signed in
  • Enable a co-host within the meeting
  • Enable scheduling privileges

For instructions on how to customize your host key, and how to use it in the circumstances above, refer to the Host Key article on Zoom Help Center. 

Note: "PSTN-only Personal Audio Conference (PAC) meetings" are not supported in the UMN Zoom platform.

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