Zoom: Host Key

The host key is a 6-digit PIN tied to your Zoom account. It is not meeting-specific.  You can use your host key to claim host privileges in the following circumstances:

  • You have Join Before Host enabled and the host joins the meeting without signing in
  • The host joins the meeting via telephone
  • The host joins the meeting through an in-room video conferencing system (an H.323/SIP device)

You can view and customize your host key on your Zoom Profile page

zoom.umn.edu profile page. Host key section highlighted. Arrow pointing to Show [host key]

Since the host key is tied to your account and not to a specific meeting, you should not share your host key with anyone else. Treat your host key like a password.

If you do share your host key, you should change it immediately. We also recommend changing your host key periodically as a security best practice.  

You do not need to share your host key to:

For instructions on how to customize your host key, and how to use it in the circumstances above, see the Host Key article on Zoom Help Center.  Note that "PSTN-only Personal Audio Conference (PAC) meetings" are not supported in the UMN Zoom platform.