Webex Teams: Sign In

This article details how to sign in to the Clearspan Webex Teams (formerly Webex Engage) application. Webex Teams is the application used for accessing the Voice Over IP (VOIP) softphone system. To Install the application, see Webex Teams: Install.

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Table of Contents:

Signing In

IMPORTANT: Do not log in until you have had an account created for you by OIT. Do not create a free Cisco Webex account. If you created a free Cisco Webex account by mistake, please follow these steps to Delete the Free Cisco/Webex Account (on this page).

Note: The first time you sign in you may need to agree to a Webex End User License Agreement. 

  1. If off campus, connect to UMN - Split Tunnel VPN.
  2. Open the Clearspan Webex Teams application
  3. Enter your full email address in the Work email address field.
    Webex welcome page. A textbox has an example InternetID@umn.edu email entered. The Next button is selected.
  4. Enter your Webex Teams phone password.
  • Mac (Optional but recommended): If you receive a popup from your computer asking to allow Notifications for Webex Teams, it is recommended that you select Allow so you get notified if you receive a call.
    Pop up notification from Apple with message: "Webex Notifications. Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges." Options for: Don't Allow, Allow.
  1. The first time you sign in:
    • You will receive a pop-up informing you that Emergency Calls to 911 should only be done from your registered physical location.
      Emergency Calling Notification error message. Stating to only use your soft phone to dial emergency services from your registered physical location..
    • You will receive a pop-up with information about What's New in Webex Teams's recent updates.
      What's New window stating "Webex is getting a makeover. Get ready for a whole new look and feel! We're working hard to bring the new Webex brand to life, coming very soon. See what else is new this month"

Signing Out

To sign out of the application:

  1. Select your profile image/initials. A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Select Sign Out.
    Webex Engage application sign into a test account. The test account's profile image/initials is selected which expands a dropdown menu. The last item in the menu, Sign Out, is selected.

Additional option to sign out on Apple devices:

  1. From the Apple toolbar select Webex.
  2. In the dropdown, select Sign Out.
    Apple toolbar for Webex Engage. Webex is selected which expands a dropdown menu. The second to last item, Sign Out, is selected.

Deleting the Free Cisco Webex Account

If you mistakenly created a free Cisco Webex account, follow these steps to delete the free account so our phones team can create a UMN account using your email.

  1. Go to settings.webex.com.
  2. Login to the free account you created. 
  3. Click on the three dots menu button . The menu expands.
  4. Select Delete Account.
    Cisco Webex Settings in My Profile tab. The three dot menu is selected and from the expanded menu Delete Account is selected.
  5. Select Delete. This confirms the deletion of the account.
    Confirmation message "Delete Account. Are you sure you want to delete your account?" Options for Cancel | Delete. Delete selected.

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