TDX: Log in to the Client Portal

The TeamDynamix platform has two main areas: the Client Portal and Users (TDNext).

Logging into the Client Portal

  1. Go to TeamDynamix.
  2. Click on Client Portal.
    TDX login screen. Arrow pointing to "Client Portal" button

Using the Client Portal

Technicians will use the Client Portal for the following:

  • Finding links to Access Request and Service Request forms for users to complete.

Knowledge editors will use the Client Portal to perform common tasks for their roles.

We will not be directly pointing users to this area of the tool. Our users may come across the link to the Client Portal when completing Service Request forms. They will see request tickets that they have completed and see the following menu on the home page:

Five options on the client portal homepage: View My Tickets, Service Catalog, Get Technology Help, How-To, and System Status

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