TDX: Understand Ticket Classifications

There are five ticket classification forms that technicians will use in the U of M Tickets application. Each form has fields tailored to the specific type of ticket it addresses. See Working with Parent/Child Ticket Relationships to understand ticket hierarchy within TDX.

Incident Form 

Service Request Form

  • Use when someone needs something to do their job such as access to an application or system, a new computer or peripheral, or other service requests. 
  • The User Support Service Desk will classify all password resets as service request tickets in TDX. See Handle Password Reset Request for more information.

Major Incident Form

Problem Form

  • Use this ticketing form AFTER a Major Incident ticket is resolved.
  • Use for analysis of recurring Incident tickets that show a trend in something not working correctly.
  • See Understand the Use of Problem Tickets for more information.

Change Form

  • This ticket classification is used for situations in which a change to a current technology or service needs to be approved and communicated.