TDX Approvers: Understand the Request Ticket

This article gives an overview of what you are looking at when you click on the title or ticket ID number of a Request ticket in the Awaiting my Approvals section of TDNext. Follow the directions in Finding and Approve Your Request Tickets to view a ticket that will look similar to the screenshot below.

Understanding the Parts of the Ticket

  1. Title and the Service Request ID number at the top left hand side of the ticket.
  2. Tabs and Menu Options that are available to work on a ticket.
    • You may occasionally use the Actions and +Add buttons to complete various tasks.
    • Do not use the Edit button. See Communicate through the Request Ticket to see how to communicate a change that needs to be made before approving it.
  3. Details column on the ticket shows the fields from the original request form with the information that the user entered.
    • Scroll down this column to review all of the information that came in with the request.
  4. Ticket Status --there are four different ticket Statuses that get used on Access and Service requests: New, In Process, Resolved, or Cancelled. Tickets should say In Process when you are working on them.
    • DO NOT manually set the status of the request ticket to Resolved. The ticket workflow process will automatically move the ticket to the Resolved status once all approvals for the ticket have been completed.
  5. Requestor information box. 
    • The Requestor is the person who needs access to something, the end user who the request ticket is made for.
    • You will see the Requestor's name along with any relevant contact information that the Requestor has opted to show.
  6. Workflow box: click on the View Progress link to see a detailed process flow view of all the workflow steps and their status.
  7. Current Activities will display any activities and tasks that are currently active in the workflow. 
    • The activities that need your approval will have your name/group listed underneath the name of the activity.
    • Use the Approve and Reject buttons underneath your name to complete your approval work. See Approving/Rejecting a Request for specific instructions.

Shows various points of interest on a request ticket: 1. Ticket title and ID # 2. Menu bar with action buttons and tabs 3. Details area 4. Status of the ticket 5. Requestor information box 6. Workflow information box 7. Current Activities box with 1 Supervisor Approval listed as needing to be completed

Understanding the Ticket Feed

Scroll past the ticket Details section to see the ticket Feed. It documents the details of every action that is taken on a ticket. You will be able to see your approvals and rejections listed in the ticket feed after you complete that action. 

Use the Comment button on the top right side of the Feed to communicate with the others through the ticket

Feed of ticket listing 1 system update and 1 ARF update

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