TDX Approvers: Review the Status of a Request in Users (TDNext)

You can see where a request is in its workflow by viewing the ticket Details (static view) in Users (TDNext).

Reviewing the Status of a Request in TDNext

  1. Find the Request ticket you are wanting to review.
  2. Scan the right column of the ticket for the Workflow box.
    Workflow box showing a ticket with 5 icons in the stages area
    • Hover over the symbols under Stage, to see the status of each stage of the workflow.
      • Note: A ticket can have up to 4 stages: User Approval, Supervisor Approval, Access Approval, Fulfillment. If the ticket is in between one of those 4 stages, it will list the stage as Processing
  3. Click on any of the check marks, dashes, or checkboxes. The Workflow box will expand and show a check mark for workflow stages that have been completed and an open box for stages that still need to happen.
    Workflow box for Student PeopleSoft Roles showing 5 steps in process
    • Note: The View Progress or History buttons show the workflow map built in the application (this is a very complicated view and will not be very helpful to the average user). 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket Details page to review Feed for more information.

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