TDX Approvers: Communicate Through the Request Ticket

You can send a message to other people working the ticket by using the Comments button down by the ticket Feed. You can choose who receives the comments you make, and those people will get a notification with your comments.

Communicating through the Request Ticket

  1. Navigate to the ticket you need to communicate about.
  2. Scroll toward the bottom of the ticket to the Feed.
  3. Click Comment to the right of the Feed heading. A Comment box appears in the Feed area.
    Ticket Feed area with Comments button highlighted
  4. Type your message in the Comment box. Example communications:
    • What needs to be taken off of a request before approval is accepted.
    • Questions regarding specific roles or profiles needed.
    • Additional information about what access a particular selection will grant.
  5. Click into the Notify field above the Comment box. A menu opens above the field listing anyone associated with the ticket.
    • Always select T2 Provisioning and Requests (Responsible Group) with all communication.
    • Choose (Requestor) to send your comment to the person making the request.
    • Choose (Creator) to send your comment to the person who created the request.
    • If anyone is listed as (Contact) in this list, those people are involved with various parts of approval for the request.
      Notify field of the ticket open with list of people connected to the ticket and the check box for T2 Provisioning and Request (Responsible Group) checked
  6. Click Save.

Things to note: 

  • You can make more than one comment on a ticket if you need to send separate messages to separate people associated with the ticket.
  • When you send a Comment to multiple users via the Feed, everyone notified on the original comment will receive the replies.

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