TDX Approvers: Handle a Partial Approval

There may be times when you need to give partial approval of access or service to a Requestor. Depending on the situation, use one of these methods to communicate partial approval:

  • Send a comment to PAR through the ticket asking to remove certain options; then approve once those options are removed. 
  • Approve the request with a comment explaining what you are approving and what you are not approving.

Sending a Comment to PAR before Approving the Request

  1. Navigate to the Request ticket. 
  2. Scroll toward the bottom of the ticket to the Feed.
  3. Click Comment to the right of the Feed heading. A Comment box appears in the Feed area.
    Ticket Feed area with Comments button highlighted
  4. Type what needs to be taken off of the request for you to be able to approve the request.
  5. Click into the Notify field above the Comment box and select T2 Provisioning and Requests (Responsible Group) from the menu that opens.
    Notify field of the ticket open with list of people connected to the ticket and the check box for T2 Provisioning and Request (Responsible Group) checked
  6. Click Save below the Comment box. Your message will be sent to T2 PAR, and you will receive a notification when the ticket has been edited and ready for your approval. 

Approving the Request with a comment for partial approval

  1. Navigate to the Request ticket. 
  2. Find the Current Activities area of the request ticket.
  3. Click on Approve in the approval step underneath your name. A pop-up window with a text box for comments appears.
    Current Activities area with Approve and Reject options highlighted.
  4. Clearly communicate what you are approving and what you are not approving in the Comment box.
  5. Click Save

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