Enterprise CRM: Manually Create Reserved Organization Data

What is Reserved Organization Data?

Reserved Organization Data allows you to add information to a Organization that is private to your business unit or organization. Information that you may be used to on the regular Organization record, such as Client ID and Relationship Established date, have been moved here to allow for you to add that information without other business units being able to see or change those fields.

While many of your Reserved Organization Data records will be created when your data is loaded during your onboarding to Enterprise CRM, manually created new Organization records and/or Organizations loaded through other business streams may not have any Reserved Organization Data yet. 

These instructions show you how to manually create new Reserved Organization Data so that you can enter necessary information, create Tasks, Events, Meeting Requests, or add any Google Docs, Notes, or Attachments that you need to remain private to your business organization.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Reserved Organization Data was created as a record type in order for you to be able to add information to public Organization records that remain private to your business unit. Any information within the Reserved Organization Data record is private to your business unit. Any record associations with Reserved Organization Data are private to your business unit.

Navigate to the Organization record (if needed)

  1. If you have enough information to find the Organization you may want to use the Global Search bar.
  2. If you do not have enough information to search or are working from a specific List View click on the Organizations Tab if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and click on Organizations in the list.
  3. From Organizations Home you can either click on the name of the Organization, if showing in your default View, or select the appropriate selection from the dropdown in the View: Menu and click Go!
  4. Once the appropriate Organization is visible click on the Organization Name in the list to bring up the Organization record.

Create Reserved Organization Data

  1. Once on the Reserved Organization Data record there are two ways to get to creating New Reserved Organization Data
    • At the top of the Organization record hovering over the text for Reserved Organization Data brings up a window where the New Reserved Organization Data button is able to be clicked.
    • Further down on the page underneath the Organization Detail there is a Reserved Organization Data section of the page where there is a New Reserved Organization Data button that is able to the clicked.
  2. Once on the New Reserved Organization Data record screen fields can be manipulated as needed. How you manipulate these fields will likely be determined by internal business processes.
    • The Organization Type checkbox allows you to designate a type per your internal business practices.
    • Client ID allows you to associate an ID number from any other system you may use or any other identifier of your choosing to the record.
    • Description can be used according to your business practices to add text to the organization record, be it a short description of the organization or other notes you'd like people in your business unit to see.
    • Relationship Established allows you to put the date that your particular business unit developed a relationship with the organization.
    • Point of Contact allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and relate a Contact record as a designated contact.
    • The Active checkbox allows you to identify whether or not the organization is considered active to your business unit.
  3. Once all of the desired fields have been filled in click on Save to be brought to the Reserved Contact Data record.

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