Enterprise CRM: Reserved Organization Data

What is Reserved Organization Data?

Reserved Organization Data allows you to add information to an Organization that is private to your business unit or organization. Information that you may be used to on the regular Organization record, such as Client ID and Relationship Established date, have been moved here to allow for you to add that information without other units being able to see or change it on you.

Some of the available actions here, such as creating an Event or attaching a Google Doc, are also available on the Organization record. The difference is that adding an Event from a Reserved Organization Data record is going to make the Event private to your organization. Adding this directly from the Organization record would make the Event public to everyone using Enterprise CRM.

Available Fields/Actions on Reserved Organization Data

  • Organization Type - Allows you to choose a type of Organization from the available options in the dropdown menu
  • Client ID - Allows you to associate an ID number from any other system you may use or other internal identifiers that your business process would like to associate with the Organization record
  • Description - Allows you to put a description that will be private to your business unit for the Organization
  • Relationship Established - Allows you to put the date that your particular business unit developed a relationship with the Organization
  • Point of Contact - Allows you to associate a Contact record with the Organization as a main point of contact
  • Active - This checkbox will allow you to indicate whether or not the organization is active in terms of your own business unit
  • Owner - Here you are able to search for and associate other Users as owners of the record
    • Note: changing the owner to a User outside of your business unit will make that record private to their business unit and no longer viewable to yours
  • Open Activities - This related list will have any open Tasks or Events that are private to your business unit and allows you the option to create New Tasks or New Events
  • Activity History - In this section you can see any activity history that is private to your business unit or add new private activities with Log a Call or Send an Email
  • Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments - Any private Google Docs, Notes, or Attachments that have been added to the Organization through your business unit will be here and you have the ability to add new Google Docs, Notes, or Attachments 

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