Enterprise CRM: Manually Create an Organization record

What Are Organizations?

Organizations are a major part of Enterprise CRM. They are businesses and educational institutions that are associated with other records such as Contacts and Bios which allows you to track information pertinent to that particular organization.

When to create an Organization record and what information to include will be determined by your internal business processes. This article indicates how to manually create an Organization record outside of any other data loading streams and is not intended as a replacement for any other business process.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Enterprise CRM has records that it shares across all business units and organizations. The Organization record type is one of these public records. This means that any information put into the record when creating the Organization will be public and viewable to all users of Enterprise CRM.

If you need to put private information into the Organization record for your own business unit, such as a Client ID, relationship established date or Task, you will want to first create the Organization and then create Reserved Organization Data to put the private information into.

Creating a Organization

  1. Click on the Organizations Tab if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and click on Organizations in the list.
  2. From Organizations Home click NewThis brings up the Select Organization Record Type page.
  3. From the Select Organization Record Type page choose either Commercial or Education Organization per your internal business processes and then click Continue. This brings up the New Organization page.
  4. Once on the New Organization screen refer to your internal business processes to determine what information needs to be filled out. 
    • The only required field from the tool's perspective is Organization Name but your business unit may track, and therefore require, other information to be entered.
  5. Fill in all desired information and if you are creating another Organization you can click Save & New to be brought to another New Organization screen and follow from Step 3.
  6. Fill in all desired information and if you are done creating Organizations click on Save to be brought to the Organization record.

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