Drupal Enterprise: Moving to Drupal: Design Review

The third step in planning to move a website to the University's Drupal service is to review your site's design.

Prepare for Mobile Devices

The University's Drupal Enterprise service provides a "responsive" base theme, which means it adjusts to fully display on devices with different screen sizes such as mobile phones and tablets.

Learn more about responsive design:

For a list of University Drupal sites that use responsive design, see Folwell Example Sites

Prepare for Accessibility

Web accessibility as a practice seeks to improve access and usability for everyone, not just those with disabilities. It means that all users can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with online content.

Learn more about including accessibility in your site design:

Moving to Drupal Enterprise: Recommended Steps

  1. Requirements
  2. Content Audit
  3. Design Review
  4. Schedule

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