Drupal Enterprise: Moving to Drupal: Content Audit

The second step in planning to move a website to the University's Drupal service is to perform a content audit. A content audit helps you prioritize the content as well as determine content that can be archived and does not need to be added to the new site.

Complete the Content Audit Worksheet

The Content Audit Worksheet is a tool you can use for auditing content on the current website and tracking its status as it is updated and/or moved between the current site and the new site. This is a good place to start if you don't already have an audit of your site content.

The Content Audit worksheet is intended for site owners' use only. Developers who help migrate content into the new Drupal site will not depend on the data in this spreadsheet to do their work.

The intended use of each column heading in the Content Audit spreadsheet is described below.

  • Page Title: This is the title of the page as displayed on the website.
  • Current URL: This is the path to this page on the current website.
  • Owner: This is the person within your organization who will take or be assigned responsibility for tracking, updating, and moving this page.
  • Needs Editing (Y/N): Does the content on this page need to be edited for use on the new site? When considering this question, think about whether the content for the site meets accessibility standards for content. You may have the choice of doing this before or after moving the content depending on whether or not the underlying content structure of the page has changed.
  • Edited (Y/N): Have the necessary edits been made to this page?
  • Media (Y/N): Does this content include media?
  • Media Location: Where can the editor find the required media?
  • Content Type/Page: What Drupal content type will be used to create the new destination for this page, (e.g., news, bio, etc.) or what specific page is it intended for (e.g., home page).
  • Destination: If applicable, which site will this content be moved to is there is more than one site in play?
  • Menu: If this page will be included in the menu system in Drupal, where will it live - which menu and what is its parent item? Typically, use "main" to identify a top-level item in the primary navigation. Enter the Page Title of the Parent page, if this current page is a child of another item in the menu.
  • Migrated (Y/N): Has this page been moved to the new site?
  • New URL: What is the new URL of this page? (It may be the same as the old URL)

Update Your Governance Plan

When performing a content audit, governance typically comes up multiple times. This move to the Drupal platform provides an opportunity to create or update your governance plan. Determine who maintains content, and when it needs to be updated.

Moving to Drupal Enterprise: Recommended Steps

  1. Requirements
  2. Content Audit
  3. Design Review
  4. Schedule

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