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Enterprise Data Warehouse

University data organized in integrated subject areas, optimized for analytics and reporting.


The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is built to provide a flexible and scalable platform using a star-schema design that leverages facts and dimensions. This design is optimized for analytics, allowing greater reuse through more combinations of complex data, and ultimately, more diverse questions can be answered.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is working with the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) organization and the University Pillars to prioritize the data subject areas brought into EDW. As EDW is being built, the Legacy Data Warehouse will have a larger breadth of data for a period of time, and users will need to make a determination if the subject areas in EDW can be leveraged or if the Legacy Data Warehouse should continue to be used.

Access to EDW is provided via UM Analytics. This Business Intelligence platform provides published reports, analysis and dashboards, as well as the ability for you to build ad hoc content specific to your campus, college/unit, or department.


  • Data structured for analytics using dimensional modeling techniques
  • Published Analysis and Dashboards available via UM Analytics
  • Advanced users can develop ad hoc analysis/reporting vi UM Analytics
  • Data subject areas currently include:
    • Finance - General Ledger
  • Published Dashboards/Analysis include:
    • Student
      • Degrees Conferred
      • Grade Distribution
      • Student Experience in Research University (SERU)
      • Student Characteristics
    • University Services
      • Space
  • Additional data subject areas coming Winter 2016:
    • Finance/Research - Grants, Projects and Contracts (GPC)
    • Student - Enrollment

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