University Web Search Transition Details

On Wednesday, November 28, the Drupal Support Team migrated new search modules to the non-production Drupal Enterprise environments (including both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8). These modules support the transition from the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to the Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE).

Between now and Wednesday, December 12, search and site administrators should review the information below and be prepared to take action based on the type of site they manage.

Please note: In a previous communication, we had stated that the GCSE would be available on November 26. However, while working out technical details we made the decision to move the date back to provide the best possible transition experience for our users. The GCSE will be available on December 12. 

Site type and action required

For Drupal Enterprise sites

  • Between now and December 12All Drupal Enterprise site owners should test their Drupal UMN search module settings and any custom code in the non-production Drupal  environments.

  • On Wednesday, December 12:

    • If your site does not have any custom code or custom module settings, your site(s) will be automatically cut over to the GCSE.

    • If your site does have custom code you will need to deploy your changes to production between December 12 and December 31.

  • Resources:

For Drupal Lite sites

For Drupal sites not using the default search module

For non-Drupal sites


You must complete any necessary changes before Monday, December 31, when the GSA is permanently decommissioned.

November 28

  • Drupal 7 and 8 UMN search modules were migrated to the non-production environments.

December 3

  • Self-help guide and FAQ for the GCSE are available.
  • Drupal Enterprise site owners should begin to reconfigure and test their search in their non-production environments.

December 12

  • Drupal 7 and 8 UMN search modules are migrated to the Drupal production environments.
  • Drupal site owners should push any custom code or module changes to the Drupal production environments.
  • GCSE production cutover for all University Drupal websites, including Web search traffic to the GSA will be automatically redirected to the GCSE.

December 31

  • GSA is permanently decommissioned. Any necessary changes must be completed by this date.


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