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Promote critical thinking, ensure academic integrity, and improve student writing.


The Turnitin plugin in Moodle and learning tool in Canvas supports tools for plagiarism prevention (Originality Checking), online grading and feedback to students (GradeMark), and peer review (PeerMark). 

Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention tool generates originality reports that show how much of a document is original, cited from other sources, or unoriginal. Students learn the importance of original writing and attribution, and foster critical thinking skills that are important to student success.

Turnitin’s online grading feature streamlines the process of leaving feedback for students.  Feedback can include voice comments, drag-and-drop comments, and rubric-associated comments to engage students in the feedback process.

Turnitin is used within Moodle’s Assignment, Forum, and Workshop activities and with Canvas Assigments.


  • Allows access to Turnitin functionality from within Moodle Assignments, Forums, and Workshop activities and Canvas Assignments
  • Allows rubric-based grading (Rubric Manager) Includes standard correction comments and the ability to add your own comments and markings (QuickMark)
  • Supports multi-part assignments allowing draft and revision submissions
  • Updates the Moodle gradebook with grades entered in GradeMark
  • Supports group-based assignments
  • Supports Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark, and PeerMark

Integration into Canvas

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