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Design Tools for Canvas

Simplify course and content creation in Canvas.



Design Tools is a package integrated within Canvas that provides additional tools for streamlining the creation of course sites and improving the style and design of course banners, content pages, assignments, discussions and quizzes. The Multi-Tool can be used to quickly build the structure of a course and modify due dates for all activities in a Canvas site. The Content Editor can add a more engaging and organized style across a course site.



Content Editor

Available in content pages, discussions, assignments, and course syllabus, the Content Editor is used to improve page layout by adding sophisticated and engaging styling. Achieve CSS/HTML results, without CSS/HTML knowledge, by utilizing options like pre-built themes and unique color-palettes. The Content Editor is also capable of adding advanced elements like accordions and tabs to organize course site navigation.


The Multi-tool consists of three tools that are used to simplify and speed up the creation and maintenance of a course:

  • Page Templates

Create templates for each type of content pages you create (i.e. weekly overview, lab guidelines, presentation expectations, etc.) and then duplicate across multiple modules (units/weeks).

  • Module Builder

Quickly generate your course shell including placeholders for page templates, assignments, quizzes and discussions all with just a few clicks.

View and adjust due-dates for every graded assignment, quiz and discussion for your entire course and all on one page.e

Upload/Embed Image Tool

Upload, crop, resize, and embed images anywhere in a Canvas course with the upload/embed image tool. A variety of styling options exist for each image, with options for borders and alignment.

Getting Started

Content Editor

A "rocket" icon will appear on the top right corner of Canvas while on any page that can utilize the Design Tools. Clicking the rocket will launch the Design Tools interface found on the right side of the page. 


The Multi-Tool can be accessed from your course navigation (after you move it up in the Navigation tab in your course setting). 

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: No charge