The University connects to both the global Internet and a number of special research and education networks commonly referred to as Internet2. These networks provide high bandwidth connectivity enabling and supporting research collaborations and educational opportunities regionally, nationally, and around the world.


The University has partnered with other major research institutions to create BOREAS-Net (Broadband Optical Research, Education, and Science Network). BOREAS-Net is a 1,500-mile ring of university-owned fiber that extends as far as Chicago and Kansas City and connects the institutions on BOREAS-Net to Internet2 and other research and education networks.

Northern Lights GigaPoP

The Northern Lights GigaPoP is an advanced regional networking initiative operated by the University of Minnesota. The GigaPop is a connectivity hub for Minnesota and the broader region, connecting the University, MnSCU, the State and other educational institutions to the internet, Internet2, and each other.


  • Manage the Northern Lights GigaPop - oversight and responsibility
  • Minnesota Learning Network Board Co-Chair responsibility
  • - Metnet, NETS, COMET Fiscal Agency Responsibilities
  • Network operation responsibilities with our BOREAS partners as well as fiscal agency responsibilities
  • Network operation responsibilities as Internet2 (Network Connector) both fiscal and reporting
  • Network routing and peering operation responsibilities for our MnSCU, Private College, K-12, and State partners