Zoom: Limitations to Using HCC Zoom

The HCC, or Health Care Component, is a group of faculty, students, or staff who work closely with private health information and are subject to a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Zoom to ensure HIPAA compliance. Because users in the HCC have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and/or HIPAA data, they are required to use a slightly different instance of Zoom. This article lists the Zoom features that are disabled as well as several features that are required to be enabled in the HCC version of Zoom.. 

While both instances of Zoom are secure, the Zoom HCC structure is designed to reduce the risk of possible non-compliance with Protected Health Information (PHI). 

Note: Only members of the HCC with BAA designation are required to complete the HCC Zoom training. Which account type do I have?

Unavailable Features for HCC Zoom

Recently, Zoom Cloud Recording was approved for use within the Health Care Component (HCC). As a result, you may utilize Zoom to record PHI in situations that require it, but it is not recommended. Zoom is a temporary storage solution and you should observe all standard best practices around the recording and storage of PHI. We recommend Box Secure Storage as the preferred method of retention for recordings containing PHI.

The following features are disabled for use in meetings and webinars hosted by HCC users. Workarounds for these disabled features are noted when available.

  • Transfer files through Zoom's in-meeting chat. 
    • Hosts can use a secure file transfer tool like Box to share files outside of the meeting. 
  • Allow another user to control the computer while screen sharing in a Zoom meeting
  • Give remote support to another Zoom participant
  • Live stream meetings to YouTube Live
    • HCC users can live stream webinars as long as they observe HIPAA compliance

Required Features 

The following features are required to be turned on for all meetings hosted by HCC users: 

  • All meetings use encryption
  • Participant list indicates who is a UMN person and who is a guest.

A user who is not logged in to their Zoom account will show as a guest

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