TDX Major Incident: Resolve a Major Incident Ticket

Once a workaround or permanent solution is found, resolve the Major Incident ticket and all of its associated children Incident tickets.

Resolving a Major Incident Ticket

  1. Open the Major Incident ticket.
  2. Select Actions and choose Update from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Resolved in the New Status dropdown menu.
    • If you attempt to Resolve a ticket which still has open Ticket Tasks, you will receive a warning prompt:Close Ticket Task prompt shown with a ticket icon, and radio buttons for No and Yes. Highlighted text: This will close a ticket with open ticket tasks. Choose whether you want to close those ticket tasks or leave them open. Click the ticket icon to view a list of affected ticket tasks.
    • You can click on the ticket icon to open the Affected Ticket Tasks window and view a list of open tasks and task details if necessary.Affected Task Tickets window open, showing an open task with details. Highlighted text: In addition to the ticket tasks listed below, any dependent ticket tasks that are currently inactive will also be closed.
    • If you are unsure whether the Ticket Tasks are completed, do not proceed with resolving the ticket. Instead, reach out to the Responsible Group(s) to confirm the Ticket Tasks are complete before resolving the ticket. Review TDX: Work a Ticket Task for additional information.
    • If you know the Ticket Tasks are completed, select the Yes option to close all Ticket Tasks along with the parent ticket.
  4. Check the Cascade checkbox to close all child incident tickets associated with the Major Incident. See Communicating with Parent/Child Tickets (Cascade Communications) for more information.
    Cascade checkbox checked with message communicating that all children tickets will be updated recursively.
    • Note: If you do not close the child tickets associated with the Major Incident when you first close the Major Incident ticket, you can go back to the resolved Major Incident ticket, select Update, and re-check the Cascade box to notify and close the child tickets. 
  5. Uncheck the box labeled Make comments private (only visible to U of M Tickets users).
  6. Write a customer-friendly response in the Comments box. 
    • Be sure to include a customer-friendly explanation of the resolution or workaround.
  7. Select who should be notified of this update in the Notify field from the dropdown menu listing any associated with the ticket.
    • Name of Technician (Responsible)
    • Name of (Responsible Group)
    • Name of user (Requestor)
      • You MUST select the Requestor's name so the notification is sent.
    • Name of anyone added to the watchlist (Contact)
  8. Attach any applicable files in the Attachments field.
  9. Select the Create new article radio button if a new Knowledge Base article based on the Major Incident ticket should be drafted.
  10. Select Save at the top of the window.
  11. Create a Problem Ticket to complete the root cause analysis of the major incident. 

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July 16, 2021