TDX Knowledge: Create a New Knowledge Article from a Ticket

When resolving a ticket, you should identify the knowledge you used to resolve the issue. If no article currently exists in our Knowledge Base, you should create one as a part of the resolution process. 

Note: When the article is generated, you will be identified as the Owner. It is good practice to change the ownership to the appropriate Group so that all members of the Group can work on the article before it is submitted for approval.

Creating a New Article When You Resolve a Ticket

The steps below assume you are in the process of resolving a ticket.

  1. Ensure you have proper resolution notes in the Comments field. They will become the Body of the new knowledge article.
    1. Use Comments Templates if available. The Comment Template automatically puts the Requestor's name in the greeting area of the Comment.
    2. See Write Resolution Comments for other content.
  2. Click Create a new article.The window expands to reveal options for creating a new article. 
    1. For the KB Article Category enter the Technology, Service, or Business Process that the article addresses. 
      • You can start typing or use the Lookup option.
        Incident form, Knowledge Base Article section; Create New article option selected; KBArticle Category is Work in Progress - Direct from Incidents
    2. Fill out all other fields necessary to resolve the incident.
  3. Click Save at the top of the window. The window closes and returns to the View of the ticket showing the status Resolved in the upper-right corner.
  4. Scroll to the Knowledge Base Article section of the resolved ticket. The section has a link to the new article.
  5. Click the link to the article. The window refreshes presenting the new article in View mode.
    TDX Knowledge Base interface; article in view mode

If you have time, you may want to change the ownership of the article from yourself to the appropriate Group.

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