TDX Knowledge: Approve or Reject an Article

Any technician in TDX can create a new Knowledge Base article and submit it for approval by an editor. 

However, editors are NOT notified by email when an article is submitted for approval. Instead, the article will appear in Articles Pending Review. It's a good idea to encourage your group members to let you know when they submit an article for review.

  • Group Knowledge Editors can approve articles owned by their Group.
  • Global Knowledge Editors can approve any article regardless of ownership.
    • Global Knowledge Editors can also publish articles to the Technology Help website.

Note: It is good practice for Editors to have someone else approve their articles.

Approving or rejecting an article

When an article is approved (or rejected), the Owner will be notified by email. Rejected articles are returned to the Owner. 

To review submitted articles:

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base and select Articles Pending Review from the menu bar.
    knowledge base menu bar, Article Pending Review highlighted
    • Note: All articles pending review will appear here. Only approve articles owned by your Group(s).
  2. Select the article.
  3. Review it for clarity and technical accuracy. You can use the following checklists for guidance. (OIT editors must use the lists.)
    1. See Checklist for Approving a Knowledge Article
      1. Make any necessary edits to the Content.
      2. Click Update Article.
    2. Change Settings as necessary.
      1. Make sure the article has a Category associated with it. The Category is listed below the title in search results and above the title as a breadcrumb in view mode.
      2. Make sure the article has an appropriate setting for the question: Should the viewing of this content be limited to the University community?
      3. After saving changes, click the article title breadcrumb to return to view mode.
      4. Click Save.
      5. Click the article's breadcrumb to return to view mode.
  4. Select Approve (or Reject).
    editor buttons: share, edit article, add to favorites, approve, reject
    An Approve (or Reject) Article window pops open.
  5. Check the Notify [Owner] checkbox.
  6. Enter any Comments.
    approve article window
  7. Click Save. The Owner (Group or individual) will receive an email noting the change in article status and your comments.

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