Known Error: Stale Authentication

The Web Login Service Stale Request and Error: NoSuchFlowExecutionException messages appear when the login session has timed out while trying to connect to the authentication system.

Stale Request
Web Login Service - Stale Request message

Error: NoSuchFlowExecutionException
Web Login Service - Error. An error occurred: NoSuchFlowExecutionException.


Error: Invalid State


This article will cover some potential troubleshooting steps to resolve the errors.

Reload the page and try again

Typically, this issue occurs when the page has been open for a long time without activity or the browser back button was used to return to the authentication page. The error will go away if you try to re-access the page you attempted to view by entering the url in the address bar.

Clear cache and cookies or use a different browser

Sometimes saved information in a browser or an old bookmark can cause these errors. Try to clear your browser's cache and cookies or use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). If you do not receive the error again, be sure to update any bookmarks you may have been using.

Try using VPN or a different network

Network issues can cause a stale request, especially if the request is sent through a Network Address Translation (NAT) network (e.g. hotels, hospitals), where it has to travel between several different IP address routes before arriving at the server. In some instances, this can happen when trying to set up email on a mobile device. If connected to WiFi when the messages occur, try just using cellular data or attempt to use a different network. Otherwise, check firewall settings or temporarily disable the firewall and test the connection again. Because this is an issue with the end user's hardware/network, there is little that can be done to resolve the issue on the University end. Use VPN to connect directly to the University of Minnesota network if the messages persist. 

If you cannot download VPN on your own, or continue to have errors after trying all of the above steps, contact Technology Help for assistance.