Kaltura: Professional Captioning

In Kaltura, professional captioning is an optional service. It is billed to the next minute and costs $100 per hour of content in English. When content is in other languages it is $190 per hour of content, with the output being the same language as the source.

  • Captioning is available for over 15 languages.
  • Translation from one language to another is not an option.
  • The turnaround time for professional captions in English is typically less than two business days, while captions from other supported languages can take three business days or more.

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Requesting a Billing Relationship

Before requesting professional captions for content housed in the Kaltura media management platform, you must submit the Kaltura Professional Captioning Billing Information Form.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) can approve professional captioning requests once you complete the form request and share your Enterprise Financial System (EFS) billing information.

Requesting Professional Captions in Kaltura

Note: You must establish a billing relationship with OIT by completing the Kaltura Professional Captioning Billing Information Form to receive approval.

    1. Open a browser and go to Canvas (canvas.umn.edu). You may need to sign in.
    2. Find your media:
      1. Select the Courses icon in the left navigation bar. All of your available courses will appear.
      2. Select the course you want.
      3. Select My Media from the course navigation menu. If the My Media link is not shown, the course's owner can add it by following the instructions in Adding Kaltura Course Tools to Canvas.
        Canvas course menu bar. My Media is highlighted.
    3. Find the video you want to add a caption file to.
      1. Select the video title located to the right of the video.
    4. Click the Actions drop-down menu below the video, on the right side.
    5. Select Caption & Enrich.
      Kaltura Actions menu open with + Caption and Enrich option highlighted
      1. In the Service drop-down menu, select Professional - human generated ($$).
      2. In the Source Media Language drop-down menu, select the desired language.
      3. Make sure the Feature drop-down menu has Captions selected.
      4. In the Turnaround Time drop-down menu, choose either Best Effort or 48 hours.


  1. Click Submit. The page will refresh with a confirmation: Your request is now submitted to OIT for review and approval

Note: OIT consultants may contact you before approving a request. OIT will contact you once the request is complete. 

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