Kaltura: Automatic Captions for Languages Other Than English

Videos are presumed to be in English and captions are processed based on the audio track. If you (the owner) or a co-editor wish to reprocess a video in Kaltura in a language other than English, Kaltura provides captioning services for over 15 additional languages.

Use this article to reprocess automatic captions in Kaltura for a language other than English. To receive captioning for a language not listed, Learn About Professional Captioning.

Requesting Automatic Speech Recognition Captions

  1. Log in to canvas.umn.edu.
  2. Select My Media (Kaltura) from the Account menu. 
    Canvas, user account page. My Media (Kaltura) highlighted.
  3. Find the video you want to add a caption file to and select your title located to the right of the video.
  4. Click the Actions drop-down menu below the video on the right side.
  5. Select Caption & Enrich.
    Actions menu in Kaltura open and highlighting the +Caption & Enrich option
  6. Select the desired language from the Source Media Language drop-down menu.
  7. Make sure the Service drop-down menu has Mechanical - auto-generated (free) selected.
  8. Make sure the Feature drop-down menu has Captions selected.
  9. Select Submit. The page refreshes with a confirmation:
    Canvas Kaltura Caption request page. Box insert says Your request has been received. Captions will automatically be uploaded to your video upon completion.

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